It is vital to stay hydrated before, during and after a flight!

Mineral Hydration  

Anyone that’s been at altitude knows that the air is dryer and you get dehydrated faster. This is also the case for flying. It is vital that after you’ve touched down (and while you’re flying!), you hydrate up fast with mineral infused water. When there are minerals in the water, especially salt (sodium), water is absorbed into the body more efficiently.  Plus the minerals are essential for thousands of chemical processes in the body including energy production. 



You need B-vitamins to make energy effectively. Take your B’s to energize you and help facilitate energy production before getting into your hyperbaric chamber.  



Pair your HBOT-session with Red-light to speed up detoxification. Target it on your gut to boost the detox.

Red light

Red light therapy is especially helpful after your flight. It will improve overall mitochondrial function and energy production + target it to your gut (abdomen/solar plexus) where detox is key after flying.


Foam roller or Ball

Loosen up tight areas that will inevitably develop with travel. And the longer the flight, the more areas will need it!  Bringing blood flow and oxygen to these areas will loosen them up faster and have you primed to go in no time.  



Detox, detox, detox & sweat it out!

Infrared Saunas
Flying is not a healthy endeavor. You are at lower oxygen levels due to cabin pressurization and likely to eat unhealthy foods. You’ll also be sitting for hours (and sitting is the new smoking + your legs may swell from all the sitting), and you’ll be more exposed to more pathogens in an airport than pretty much any other place. Head into your infrared sauna for 15 to 45 minutes and sweat it out (while keeping hydrated!) after HBOT. The heat is infrared light that increases blood flow and lymphatic throughout the body. We believe that this light creates EZ or structured water around blood vessels which increase flow through vessels.   

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