Can HBOT Reverse My Age?


What does HBOT have to do with aging? 

It might be shocking to hear but HBOT can reverse it!  

HBOT works at the cellular level, impacting every cell in your body. It’s like upgrading the engine in your car. The hyperbaric environment (higher than normal air pressure) forces more oxygen into your blood. As a result, your whole body has access to at least 45% more oxygen than it normally would if breathing sea level air and up to 1200% more oxygen under certain circumstances. The result of this massive oxygen infusion into the bloodstream--and the delivery of more oxygen to tissue-- is decreased inflammation, new blood vessel formation, exponential stem cell release, the killing of bugs that don’t like high oxygen environments, and the saving of at-risk tissue. Sound important? HBOT, like oxygen, is kind of a big deal.  

But first, why is more oxygen important?

Well, think of it this way, when you do vigorous exercise or you’ve had a big night out on the town, you accumulate a lot of waste products in the cells in your body…this leads to aging. Your body tries to prevent this aging by re-establishing normal cellular function as quickly as possible. Yes, even exercise is damaging to the body in the immediate period during and after, hence the age old saying ‘your results are only as good as your recovery’. By re-establishing normal cellular functions in each cell, you slow down the aging process, and you allow more of your cells to stay alive longer. When cells stop functioning properly, they become inefficient energy generators. By introducing more oxygen into the system via HBOT treatments, these ‘borderline cells’ have access to more fuel than usual and this gives them a reason to get back to being normal despite the previous signals that they might die. More dying cells = faster aging.  More living cells = reverse aging!

We are all aging.  Nothing can fully stop the aging process. When we speak of  anti-aging technologies or practices, the goal really is to find ways to age slowly and gracefully. Internally it means every cell in your body stays alive and functions powerfully for as long as it can, eventually being deleted no sooner than it has to. Externally, it means you age well, often slower than those around you, often feeling more energetic and vibrant than those of a similar age to you. This is why extending our healthspan as opposed to just our lifespan is so important. 

No oxygen and cells die and each cell chooses to burn oxygen when it's available, so why not give it more?  HBOT can give us the chance to delay the signs of aging, even reversing it, staying younger-feeling and younger-looking for longer.

Thanks for reading!

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