Welcome to Dr. Scott Sherr’s virtual integrative hyperbaric practice!

Dr. Scott Sherr - Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Specialist

Dr. Scott is a Board Certified Internal Medicine Physician Certified in Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) and Health Optimization Medicine (HOMe).

He is based in the Bay Area in California and runs a worldwide virtual consulting, education, and advocacy practice that includes:

  • Cutting edge and dynamic hyperbaric protocols

  • Health Optimization Medicine (HOMe) testing and balancing

  • Adjunctive technologies

  • Allied practitioner referral

Dr. Scott's patients include high-level athletes, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, weekend warriors, coders, tons of biohackers, plus many patients with complex medical illness including cancer, post concussive syndrome, infections, cognitive impairments, and more.

He also works with clinics and practitioners worldwide on hyperbaric protocol development plus HBOT integration with other therapies/technologies

Dr. Scott’s formal titles include:

  • Cofounder of OneBase
  • Founder of Integrative HBOT
  • Partner at Hyperbaric Medical Services (San Francisco)
  • Director of Integrative Medicine and Health Optimization at Hyperbaric Medical Solutions (New York)

  • COO of Health Optimization Medicine USA

  • COO of Smarter Not Harder (maker of Troscriptions)

  • Medical Advisor to the One Hit Away Foundation

  • Hospitalist at Sequoia Hospital in Redwood City, CA.

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