The key is to add supplements that boost energy on a cellular level. 

Mineral Hydration  

Mineral hydration via mineral sachets, salt-infused water, or mineral water is extremely important to both optimize energy production capacity (as minerals are essential cofactors needed for ATP production) and increase circulating blood plasma volume. The more plasma you have, the more oxygen you can infuse! 



Ketones are products of dietary fat breakdown which can also be taken as supplements. They are readily used by our mitochondria--the batteries of our cells--to make energy. 

Typically our cells make energy from glucose but ketones are a powerful source as well. In addition, ketones protect the body from the mild stress of increased oxygen in circulation during hyperbaric therapy. This oxygen stress, by the way, is called “eustress” or “good stress” meaning that, like exercise, it helps the body optimize even further. Still, especially for those that have higher inflammatory load or those who are very active, ketones are protective. Finally, there is some additional research that ketones may increase blood circulation in inflamed, sore, or injured tissue. 

We suggest taking exogenous ketones (oral/ingested) 30 minutes to an hour pre HBOT. You can also consider MCT oil, specifically C8, which is readily converted into ketones in the body as well. 



Practically every step required for efficient cellular energy production requires one or more B-Vitamins. Unfortunately, most of us are deficient in at least a few of them. There are many reasons for this but the most common include a nutrient deficient diet, gut issues, heavy metal toxicity, and genetic predispositions. 

Ideally you test your levels but if you don’t have time or the ability, consider a B-complex 30 minutes to 1 hour prior to HBOT.  And not just any B-complex but one that contains activated and the most bioavailable forms of Folate (methyl-tetrahydrofolate), B12 (methylcobalamin), and B6 (Pyridoxal-6-Phosphate). This is necessary because many of us aren't able to activate these three vitamins very well due to genetic predispositions or poor gut function. 

A beneficial side effect of taking a B-Complex is usually a significant energy boost as well. 


Activate yourself both physically and mentally.
While in the chamber, it’s time to mentally and physically prepare for your upcoming performance task.


Mentally prepare with visualization of what you are trying to accomplish. Take yourself through every step, every eventuality. Even write it down if you can.  Visualization and some meditation are key. 

Foam roller or Ball

Physically, start working in areas that will be more taxed/stressed in the performance related task you are about to do. This can be done with a ball or foam roller, for example, to loosen up tissue.  Or even some physical work in the chamber like pushups or sit ups may work too depending on the size of your chamber.  



Now when you have more oxygen in circulation take advantage of it and go for your performances task!


After your HBOT sessions, you will have a lot more oxygen in circulation so take advantage of it! Get out of your chamber and start moving. Stretch, do some yoga poses, get on an exercise bike, and soon as you can, get to your performance task at hand and crush it.

Mineral Hydration
A s with all HBOT protocols, mineral hydration is key but even more essential after HBOT to boost your performance. 

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