How to use a HBOT chamber for optimal results

We make HBOT easy with OneBase Health app

At OneBase, we know that the biggest problem people have is not just owning an HBOT chamber, but how to actually use it effectively for targeted results. That's why we've developed a comprehensive app to help you maximize your experience and achieve your health and wellness goals.

Pre-made protocols

The OneBase Health app provide you with instructions and tips on what, when and how to use your chamber to get the most out of each session. We have a range of pre-made protocols you can choose from. Everything to make your experience easy. With the OneBase Health app, you can take the guesswork out of hyperbaric therapy and focus on achieving the results you want.

Easy next steps and safety

One of the most common question we get is how long and how often Shall I use my chamber? With the OneBase app you don't need to worry about under or over doing as the app will tell you when your next session is due.

Trusted by

"I've seen the powerful impact that OneBase's HBOT technology can have on my clients' health care. With a combination of correct protocol discernment, the use is vast, ranging from sports recovery to fatigue. It’s innovation has been a stand out feature for my clinic, enabling ultimate stacking of treatments and optimisation of my clients health."

Jodi Duval — Head Naturopath, Revital Health Owner, CEO of HomeHope Australia, Revital Health Podcast Host, Endeavour College Lecturer