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Elevate Your Health with Precision Protocols

You strive to achieve peak performance in both your professional and personal life. OneBase Health understands your commitment to excellence and is here to elevate your performance to the next level with expert insight and analysis.

For only a select few clients, we are introducing the pilot testing of our ReBase method. Our new, innovative health concierge program develops protocols that are curated and overseen by leading Hyperbaric Oxygen expert and OneBase Heath Co-Founder, Dr. Scott Sherr.

Precision Health Protocols

Tailored specifically for you, our bespoke protocols are rooted in your individual health data and blood work, ensuring a unique, bespoke and targeted healing approach aligned with your goals. We will initially focus on a combination of inflammatory markers, oxidative stress markers, and biological age markers. These three key data points will be our core indicators of wellbeing, aging and performance. By harnessing the findings from these specific biomarkers, we can move quickly and strategically to optimize our client’s health.

Strategic Therapy Usage

With an endless list of devices and healing modalities at our disposal, we are here to help by eliminating the uncertainty around how to best use your health devices and how they can be integrated together into one clear and straightforward program. OneBase Health provides detailed schedules for your Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) and other devices, ensuring they contribute meaningfully to your long-term well-being.

Live Health Insights

ReBase represents a unique and novel opportunity to use your specific health data to discern patterns, stress levels and routines. The data provided by your blood work and analyzed in our one-on-one consultation, enables us to offer guidance on the most effective methods, combinations and times to utilize your health devices for optimal results. In time, these protocols will be tracked, amended and tailored for you based on your progress via precise monitoring. 

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Experience ReBase Method

Where Precision Meets Performance

How It Works:

Personalized Assessment
Assess your health data, lifestyle, and goals.

Tailored Protocol
Receive a nuanced health protocol, incorporating optimal schedules for HBOT and use of other devices. The protocol will be fully personalized, using a combination of interviews, questionnaires, and lab testing to then build a custom protocol for each client. 

Data Analysis
Our team will continually monitor your health metrics, adapting your protocol for maximum impact. Progress will be tracked, and new tests will be undertaken over a 6 month period.

Guided Optimization
Receive real-time advice on when to use your devices for efficiency and results, with a new protocol being delivered every three months based on progress from our findings in your blood work.

Join the ReBase Method:

Where OneBase's Precision Meets Your Performance

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Your well-being, meticulously guided by OneBase Health - because your success deserves a health strategy as nuanced as your ambition.